“Through others we become ourselves.”

― Lev S. Vygotsky

Much of my time I idle away in living my life like lemmings.Like there are two different versions of me ,in that very moment,one imitating another ,where I search for tremendous acknowledgement of words from others – who are in close proximity of my thoughts, who then define my life as a prolonged and continuous process,that is never likely to end.

But that’s not possible.

In truth,I became aware that I have shuttled through my dual persona as self-proclaimed anxiety-ridden woman and like the other woman who inspires me to get rid of anxiety ,to realize that I exist between this me and that me wherein the urge to become something always differ.

This entire process of understanding my life had set me on an attempt to study this and make it clear that it is far beyond words to explain why do we prefer duality by stumbling upon each other’s idea of existence or our own .

Take this-

Someday I stumbled upon my thought on how Charles Bukowski taught me in his quite yet deprived solace while we were drunk in the dark motel.

Someday I walked across Maya Angelou to re-invent her thoughts on love,life and existence.

The personalities I stumbled so as to learn and mimic their well-articulated vision – never really ended.

It was super-weird and super -doomed imagery.

So what could be the possible reason behind such an attempt of being a sham?

Let’s start to unveil this possibility and learn something new.

Have you ever noticed what happens when some brand or personality peaks on a viral success.Everyone is just binging for the latest hot thing they did or they followed ,literally feeding on their feeds like a giant ogre.

It’s not that all of us have this desperate urge to do so .But eventually we do that.

So why do we humans have a similar penchant for following deception?

The answer is –process of imitation.

As it’s easy and it helps us quickly succeed by witnessing what made others succeed.

But imitation is by far – a lazy move.

It’s an absolute shortcut to ponder inspiration.

When we get inspire,we learn , experiment and implement.

You might say what could then be the possible difference between inspiration and imitation.Because it all seems the same .


To be clear,all ideas are consciously and unconsciously drawn from million other existing ideas.

As there are limited number of ideas out in the field and we humans like to remix, remold and replay these ideas just in different forms of expressions .

But is this the right thing to do so ?

To be honest ,imitating to get inspired is an act of tawdry .

But our human race historically has walked through the dimension of existence to get inspired and to create something new that we supposedly term as invention.

Read millions of books ,you will observe that emotions are symbolized through similar expressions – just explained in different context.

To be honest ,this imitation is the ultimate hunger that co- exist with what really inspires us or drives our energetic spirit.

It is the spark that requires deeper thinking and if presented effectively , would turn into a different dimension in reality.

But ,if we take inspiration from others and simply imitate in the exact form for our own fulfillment ,satisfaction then would be a mediocre feeling that is likely to fade away sooner.

The only thing we can do is learn and apply it to ourselves by becoming authentic and truer to our own capabilities.

As George Bernard Shaw once said ,”Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery – it’s the sincerest form of learning.”

So instead of travesty- let’s recreate something beyond what really exist.

As the least of our original thoughts , we could be able to emanate others existing thoughts with an intention to learn.That’s it.

Imagination and pro-creation – just depends on you.

Because ,to be clear enough ,this act of imitation will make us stumble upon many uncertainties and after a long haul will makes things clear enough to see through with a different perspective.

Through the use of this article,I have started my journey to emanate new thoughts to recreate . It is my hope that this article will help you learn something new and you will find this useful in some way.